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Fiction Writer and Editor
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Custom packages and flexible payment plans are available upon request*

Services Offered
  • I offer several different packages to help you take your writing to the next level. I offer line edits, or mechanical edits as defined by the Chicago Manual of Style.

Developmental Editing

  • My goal is to help all my clients grow in their writing. Developmental editing takes the entire book into account and looks at characterization, plot, dialogue, flow, consistency, pace, tension, and other aspects of the manuscript. I will rewrite or restructure the text for better flow while keeping the author's voice and provide in-depth editorial comments to help fill plot holes and gaps in the story. An editorial letter is also provided at the completion of the project.

Line Editing

  • The Chicago Manual of Style states that "manuscript editing, also called copyediting or line editing, requires attention to every word and mark of punctuation in a manuscript, a thorough knowledge of the style to be followed, and the ability to make quick, logical, and defensible decisions."

Mechanical Editing
  • The Chicago Manual of Style describes the process of mechanical editing as involving "the consistent application of a particular style to a written work--including text and documentation and any tables and illustrations." Mechanical editing also covers "rules related to capitalization, spelling, hyphenation, and abbreviations; punctuation, including ellipsis points, parenthesis, and quotation marks; and the way numbers are treated. Mechanical editing also includes attention to grammar, syntax, and usage.

  • Prices vary based on individual author needs. Please contact me for more information.

  • I will begin working on your project as soon as payment is received. Project updates will be provided based on your needs (once a day, once a week, depending on project length). The author will be very involved throughout the entire process.

Rush Orders
  • For rush orders, an extra 50% will be added to the cost package you choose. A separate invoice will be sent once the project is completed.

*Please contact me if you have any questions regarding pricing or word count. Please include in the email if you would like like to discuss setting up a custom package or flexible payment plan.